Is Bigger Furnace Better?

Just like any item in the world, furnaces age over time. They will gradually deteriorate and fail. If this happens, you’ll have to replace them. When this happens to you, you might want to choose a stronger furnace thinking that it will heat your house better. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.  

Getting a stronger and bigger furnace will cause more issues unless your previous unit was undersized for your house.  

Before you hire a professional Bridgeport furnace installation company to install your new furnace, here are several reasons why a bigger furnace isn’t better for your home: 

Short Cycling is a Huge Problem 

If your furnace is oversized, you will experience an issue known as short cycling. This happens when the unit turns off too quickly for the house to even reach the right temperature.  

This occurs because the unit is overheating. Because the furnace is too big for your house, it produces more heat than can be used up. This heat will accumulate during operation.  

Over time, too much accumulation of heat will reach hazardous temperatures and the unit’s safety sensors will automatically turn it off.  

Of course, this means that you can still heat your house. Unfortunately, you’re also ruining your furnace during the process.  

It Has a Shorter Lifespan 

It isn’t ideal for your furnace to cycle on and off a lot of times. An oversized unit does this a lot more often compared to a properly sized furnace. This sometimes means that your oversized unit will fail sooner compared to the correct sized unit.  

At the very least, you’ll strain the heat exchanger of your furnace and push it to the point where you will have to replace or fix it.  

In addition to that, an oversized unit will probably overheat as well. 

It isn’t Efficient 

You might think that an oversized furnace will heat your house more efficiently. However, that isn’t the case at all. The reason for this is that a furnace does not reach its peak efficiency levels until after it has gone through the warmup stage. 

Unluckily, an oversized unit will quickly push the temperature of your house to levels that match the settings. Then, it will turn off.  

If the temperature goes cold again, the furnace will turn on, heat your home, and turn off again.  

This means that your furnace is not spending enough time running at peak efficiency. The reason for this is that it is always in the warmup stage. Thus, you’re simply wasting a lot of energy. This often results in higher utility bills.  

Uneven Heat Distribution 

A lot of individuals complain about one part of their house heating faster compared to other rooms. Some complain that parts of their home are hotter than others. 

This is a common problem that even people with properly-sized units encounter. However, this problem becomes more serious with an oversized furnace. Rooms will often become uncomfortably warm, while some rooms will stay cold. This is particularly true if the thermostat is installed in an area that heats up first.